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Raw Resilience Counseling and Coaching (

There is so much emphasis placed on the BIG DAY. Yet, even the most organized and detail-oriented people still contend with human factors: communicating and coordinating with friends and family, researching and scheduling vendors, selecting dates for wedding-related events, and the list goes on. Oftentimes, what is not planned for is managing emotions and the relationships that matter most throughout all of the above! 

I'm here for various levels of support. You can have everything from bi-weekly or monthly sessions, text availability, down to day-of wedding pep talks, on-site sessions, and a post-wedding ceremony debrief session.

Don't hesitate to book a consultation and get some of your questions answered!

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Why We Are Unique...

Resilient Wedding Coaching is a unique service that you did not even know you needed. With that said, we serve a different purpose than your wedding planner.

We will NOT: 

  • Contact/send inquiries to vendors, nor book services

  • Plan timeline for wedding events 

  • Send reminders for bridal party to complete designated tasks

  • Set up, decorate, clean up on day-of at wedding venue

Instead we WILL:

  • Problem-solve around decision-making for vendors

  • Provide accountability for deadlines and tasks

  • Discuss roles and responsibilities of bridal party members; assist with communicating said roles and responsibilities

  • Offer day-of pep talk or session for bride and team members

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